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Customer experience and product design for the service sector

Interactions with brands can amplify or diminish the customer’s experience and therefore their ongoing patronage with your business.

We work with your team to develop a dedicated customer experience strategy that addresses any negative interactions, enhances the positive and creates actionable plans to deliver unique and memorable experiences for your customer across all the touch points with your business.

Our Approach - We have a three phased approach to Customer Experience

1.Customer Experience Strategy 

The customer experience strategy defines the actionable plan integrated across the business to deliver positive and meaningful experiences from every interaction a customer has with your organisation.

The customer experience strategy considers several important factors:

PURPOSE: Integration with your organisation’s overarching purpose and business plans.

JOURNEY: Identification with customer challenges and opportunities through customer experience mapping.

DATA: Competitive and global insights integrated with customer analytics. 

CHANNELS: Review of marketing channels to clarify message, content, accessibility and platform.

OBSERVATION: Observation analysis through refined skills and knowledge built through real world experiences.


2. Product Design

Product Design is the process of designing products and services with the customer or user experience at the forefront of decision making.  

Product Design takes into consideration the visual, sounds, textures and aromas of the space and how the customer was made to feel through the entire experience with your brand.  


2. Product Design Steps:

We observe and assess the following in the design and implementation phase:

PLACE: the physical built environment design, accessibility aesthetics and ambiance.

PEOPLE: the people and processes and interaction of staff with the customer and each other.

PRODUCT: the hero offering to ensure it exceeds the needs of the customer.

PROMOTION: review the message, content, platforms and accessibility of information to customers.


3.Customer Experience (CX) Measurement

CX Measurement is essential for organisations to understand which parts of the customer experience are working and which parts need to be improved. 

To complete the CX strategy loop we explore how to gather, share and implement customer feedback that will soar business growth by helping customers succeed. 

Establishing channels for active collation of feedback that is effective and efficient  for the customer and feeds into the ongoing customer strategy. 


Product Design Stage Approach

Our Services

Customer Experience Strategy - creating the forward plan across the organisation.

  • Strategic organisational review
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Competitor insights
  • Market place trends and insights
  • Marketing & brand review
  • Customer analysis 

Customer Experience CX Measurement - implementing key customer experience metrics and feeding back into business planning.

  • Customer journey analytics 
  • Developing and refining feedback systems
  • Tracking and benchmarking customer experience metrics.

Product Design - designing products or services with the customer in mind.

  • Product development and design
  • Event concept & activation 
  • Event curation 
  • Talent management and engagement
  • Food and beverage specialist advice
  • Partnership alignment and engagement 

Strategic Advice and mentor support - facilitating strategic advice and mentoring

  • Strategic planning
  • Workshop facilitation 
  • Tailored one on one coaching 

“Natalie can see something that no one else can see; then bring others along the journey, transforming unusual and often derelict spaces into electric experiential destinations that showcase a design aesthetic, integrates sponsors and weave in exceptional food and beverage experiences that surprise and delight customers.”​

Sarah Seddon — Director, Sabre Collective